Barefoot Poetess

I am a constant growing being. A devoted wildflower to its bloom.

☽ ஐ ❁ ◦ ۩ ♛ ☾

○ i n m o s t ↑ a n a t o m y ○

The Title


I have walked my life in barefoot. I didn’t cover myself from the harsh reality. I had embraced the rawness of what had been and the vulnerability that pulled me down many times. And then, I became a poet of my own story.

I opened my soul and became a part of a twisted world. Pen and paper, words and pages filled the gaps of what supposed to be the present moment. I experienced a painful emptiness, but now dear, now… I have a promising emptiness — about to fill it with my abundance.

So this is the story of the title,